Clarissa Feildel

Clarissa Feildel was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she grew up with food at the heart of everything. Clarissa’s Nyonya/Chinese and Sri Lankan background has given her a melting pot of dishes in her repertoire, which she uses everyday when feeding her family. Now living in Australia, since moving here in her 20’s, Clarissa is a self-taught home cook. As a newcomer to Australia, she missed her mother’s cooking, and through many phone calls home, learned to replicate the many dishes from speaking to her Mum, and through the memory of the dishes from her childhood.

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Now a mother to Charlee and step-mother, to Jonti, and wife to one of Australia’s most famous Celebrity Chefs, Manu Feildel, Clarissa’s life revolves around food. Her first book with Manu, “More Please” was her first venture into taking her home food to a larger audience than her family dinner table. She loved the process, and she has since done many appearances both with and without Manu, promoting the book, and her homestyle of cooking.

Clarissa has appeared on Seven’s Morning Show and Sunrise and presented at the Good Food & Wine Show, and In 2020, Clarissa will appear as a guest on SBS Food’s “Asia Unplated”.

Nationality:  Australian

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