Jessica Holmes

Jessica Holmes is the creative mind and recipe writer behind the site, Sweetest Menu. After starting her food blog in 2014, Jess has spent the last six years cultivating a loyal community of passionate bakers from right across the globe.

In 2011, Jess took a trip to America and fell in love with their creative bakes and unique flavour combinations. Inspired by her travels to America and beyond, Jess began experimenting with baking in her own kitchen.

Once she started sharing her recipes online, she became addicted to the art of recipe writing, food photography and connecting with fellow bakers around the world.

Her food blog is filled with simple, easy-to-follow recipes that boast undeniably delicious results. Jess is passionate about helping others get back into the kitchen and enjoy the art of creating desserts and sweets from scratch.

You’ll instantly recognise Jess’s eye-catching photography which has helped her quickly gain a following of over 130,000 on Instagram, with over 400,000 visitors to her blog every month.

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Jess’s recipes have been published in top Australian food magazines, including Super Food Ideas and Taste, and on Australia’s largest food website, She has also worked with popular food brands, including Cadbury, Blue Ribbon and Almond Breeze.

Jess holds a Bachelor of Mass Communication and a Diploma of Graphic Design. In between blogging and travelling, she has spent the last ten years working professionally as a copywriter and content designer.

Jess lives in Sydney with her husband, Josh and her cat, Henry.

Nationality:  Australian

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